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Atua Crew

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Falling stars and flying comets.
Omens gazed upon by the people.
Fire reigning down from the heavens, gifted to the natural world.
Ko Au Ngā Whetūrere o Te Rangi

Hine Ahu One
Formed of clay, to live and breathe. 
Form, Shape & Life.
The Original.
Ko au te Kai ora

Hine Moana
Where the sea meets the land, swept away with the tides.
Expansion, Ownership & Growth.
Shifting waters changing currents.
Ko Au Te Moana Wahine

Hine Nui Te Pō
Woman of light to woman of night.
Truth, Honesty & Reality.
Receiving the people as the journey comes to an end.
Ko Au Te Pō Nui Te Pō Roa

Hine Raukatauri
Sounds from within, just waiting to be heard.
Healing, Communication & Release.
The gatherer of the devine breath.
Ko Au Te Kai rongoā oro

Hine Te Iwaiwa
Weaved and formed into existence.
Creation, Renewal & Flow.
Knowledge of the moon and tides.
Ko Au Te Aho Whatu o Te Ora

Hine Tītama
Woman of the first light in life.
Care, Respect & Trust.
Guiding the people along their journey.
Ko Au Te Ata Hāpara o Te Ao

Voyaging across the pacific
To find the land of the long white cloud
Navigation and direction
He ao, he ao, he ao tea, he ao tea roa!

The gifted flame to humankind.
Heat Confidence Drive.
The necessary clearing of paths for growth.
Ko Au Te Ahi o Te Tangata Ora

Everlasting, constant growth regardless of conditions. The carer & nurturer of all things. Stages of creation from seed to tree.
Ko au te ūkaipō

Everchanging, development through connection and understanding.
No sky is the limit.
Stages of comprehension from thought to existance.
Ko au te uretū

Winthin sacred grounds, sowing seeds of humble beginnings.
All possibilities possible, all thoughts thoughtful.
Abundance found under the layers.
Ko Au Te Kākano Pono

Fractures and quakes, land eruptions.
The baby being born.
Forever turning and shifting.
Ko Au Te Pito o Te Puku

Rising in the east, to set in the west.
Warmth and Radiance bound by harakeke for the people.
The breaking of dawn.
Ko Au Te Tohu o Te Rangi

Tāne Mahuta
Seperating the sky and land.
Guardian of forests and all that dwell within.
Ko Au Te Tū Rākau o Te Ao

As the sand is carved by the waves and tides, like the taonga on my whare.
The lakes, the rivers, the streams, all run to me.
All creatures that dwell within are descendants.
Ko Au Te Moana Nui, Ko Te Moana Nui Ko Au

Carried on the four winds, watching from the heavens.
Storms and rains that disrupt nature, ever howling ever moving.
Ko Au Te Tamariki Aroha o Ranginui

Outside of sacred ground, speaking truth in times of conflict.
Acknowledging all who have stood before.
Resolution through strength and will.
Ko Au Te Kaikorero o Te Marae Aatea

The colours within the sky, of chiefly lineage.
Through mist and rain.
Formed from light to shine.
Ko Au Ngā Kara o Te Rangi

Lightning that strikes twice.
Truesight, Aim & Delivery
The known weather phenomenon.
Ko Au Te Uira Tere

*Please note that this is our recount. We hope that it encourages you to explore your roots and learn more*

Classic Fit
271 g/m² 
50% Cotton / 50% Polyester pre-shrunk fleece knit
Air jet yarns for softer feel and reduced pilling

*Please note that colour quality and clarity can vary depending on your colour and screen quality*

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