Connection Through Cotton

 Mission Statement:

Our mission is to give those who desire to be ‘home’ a connection to their roots, by providing beautifully printed clothing that they can feel at home in. With designs specific to your culture, our clothing enriches your heritage with the added bonus of personalization.  

Vision Statement:

The future for OUROOTZ is bright. We plan on giving our unique experience to the World, by always delivering what we promise. We see expansion and diversity over our brand and in order to grow in this direction, we will always value our customers and their input. We aim to have our clothing in different countries all over the globe- by the end of 2023 and will do this by adding different cultures as we grow over time.

Rep & Connect

What do we mean by rep & connect? Literally, that! Represent who you are & connect to your roots. Whenever, wherever, we want to know how you rep & connect so we can share it with others. Join the REP & CONNECT movement #repandconnect.

Our future plans to help the people:

As our brand grows, we hope to create a platform that showcases how different people showcase their cultures, beliefs and values. By doing so, we hope to educate and help others grow and learn more about their own r.oots too. We can't do it without your support and your support in anyway shape or form is truly appreciated! 

Want to share how you rep & connect please contact or tag us, we'd love to hear from you!
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