Ourootz Customz


This section of our website is called OUROOTZ CUSTOMZ!

We regularly receive many requests to do custom designs and prints for different occasions ranging from birthdays to funerals, family reunions to charities, team uniforms and more.

Throughout this process we have been able to see the pro's and con's of custom orders and have created this platform hoping to help leviate the stress that comes with ordering custom clothing, such as:
- Taking orders
- Waiting for payments 
- Back and forth communication
IYKYK the list goes on!

But, How? By providing a space on our website for your customers, friends and family to make purchases themselves, and it includes the following:
- A collection page that includes all the products available for purchase (can be left public, or password protected to be kept private)
- Product pages explaining and identifying the occasion/design
- Worldwide shipping, so no one misses out
- Afterpay Payments
- Help with the design process

We pretty much take the time and stress off the 'middle-persons' shoulders, so everyone can make a purchase directly from the source. 

If you have any questions or enquiries,  please contact us via email